Bridge & Construction Financing

Bridge & Construction Loans


With today’s restrictive banking regulatory environment, borrowers often require specialty lenders  with sophisticated knowledge and capabilities to meet their needs. AGP Capital is experienced and adept at funding bridge and construction drawdown loans to a wide range of borrowers. Loans can be secured by most types of commercial property or can be secured by performing or non-performing secured property loans. AGP financings can be used to: close acquisitions, complete developments and step in mid-development in certain circumstances, recapitalize existing property investments, discounted note payoffs, acquire performing or non-performing notes, and ground up construction.

Bridge & Construction Loans

AGP is active in providing bridge and construction financing secured by a senior lien on the underlying real estate. Loans typically range from $5 million to $30 million and are for a term of up to three years, however, we will consider loans outside of these ranges in certain circumstances.

Loan Terms

Loan Size: $5 million to $30 million

Maturity: Up to 3 years 

Amortization: Interest Only

Security: 1st Mortgage Lien

LTV: Up to 75%

Property Types: All Commercial Property Types

USES: Acquisition, Pre-Development, Construction, Recapitalization, Refinancing, DIP financing, Repurchase of Borrower’s existing debt, Liquidity Management

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