Bridge & Construction Loans


AGP Capital is experienced and adept at funding bridge and construction loans.

In today's complex regulatory environment, borrowers often need specialized lenders who understand their unique needs. AGP's sophisticated lending solutions cater to a variety of scenarios. Our financing options support commercial property acquisitions, developments at various stages, property recapitalization, discounted note payoffs, and the acquisition of both performing and non-performing notes, as well as ground-up construction. AGP's expertise ensures tailored, effective financial solutions for diverse commercial lending requirements.

Bridge & Construction Loans

AGP is active in providing bridge and construction financing secured by a senior lien on the underlying real estate. Loans typically range from $5 million to $30 million and are for a term of up to three years, however, we will consider loans outside of these ranges in certain circumstances.

Loan Terms

  • Loan Size
    $5 million to $30 million
  • Maturity
    Up to 3 years 
  • Amortization
    Interest Only
  • Security
    1st Mortgage Lien
  • LTV
    Up to 75%
  • Property Types
    All Commercial Property Types
  • Uses
    Acquisition, Pre-Development, Construction, Recapitalization, Refinancing, DIP financing, Bankruptcy Exit Financing, Repurchase of Borrower’s Existing Debt, Liquidity Management

Laus Abdo

CEO / Founder

Laus Abdo possesses an extensive background in commercial real estate and finance.    

Laus started his career in 1985 with Paine Webber and later moved to Smith Barney where he was Vice President.  In 1993 he founded AGP Capital, Inc. (“AGP”), a financial advisory firm advising companies, lenders and investors on asset acquisition, disposition, restructurings, private placements and similar corporate finance matters.  

While at AGP Laus was also in charge of acquisition, development, leasing and property management at a Commercial Real Estate & Development Company.  They also owned and managed a portfolio of office, retail, mixed-use, restaurants, convenience stores and land.